How do you care for gloves so that they last longer?

Wie pflegt man Handschuhe, damit sie länger halten?

Sustainability and CO2 neutrality form the basis of our lives. Counting the phenomenon of the throwaway society is therefore one of our main concerns. Not only does the environment benefit from this, but also your wallet.

In addition to the purchase of durable and timeless, recycled and/or recyclable gloves, proper care and cleaning also has an impact on the life of a product. Here's how to properly clean your gloves to guarantee them a long life.

Different materials require different care

Did you know that gloves consist of 100 - 150 different parts? For cleaning textile gloves, we recommend hand washing with mild detergent and pure water. Then wrap the glove in a towel and pat it dry, if necessary tight, but do not wring out!

Leather gloves should only be cleaned with a leather care agent, as the leather becomes stiff and brittle when cleaned with water. For combined leather and textile gloves, clean the leather areas with a special care agent, the textile areas with a damp brush/rag and a mild detergent. SAVIOR gloves should be wiped with a warm, damp cloth with a textile cleaner. To avoid staining, wet gloves should not come into contact with other clothing.

You can wash them-but need to avoid the machine wash

Washing in the washing machine shortens the life of the glove. Waterproof gloves have glued membranes. The washing powder slowly washes out this glue, which can cause the entire lining of the glove to be ripped out. Gloves should therefore always be cleaned by hand.

Proper drying of jars-this is just as important!

Skiing is a sport with a high level of activity. Gloves can therefore become moist both outside and inside due to heavy sweating. Gloves that have become wet should be dried over moderate heat, i. H. the gloves should never be placed on an oven or heater.

This is a widespread error that can damage the materials and affect the performance of the materials. Therefore, it is better to put the glove in a dry, heated room (floor heating) and hang or lay with the opening up. The same applies to drying the gloves after cleaning.


We want to make gloves that, because of their quality, design and functionality, last a long time and don't need to be replaced. With our tips you can now protect your wallet and our environment so that we can still enjoy many nature-loving moments together.